Do you have a situation?

Or you would like to have one? We believe that no matter what the situation is, the role of honest and efficient communication is key. A well chosen word or phrase, a perfect picture or a well-placed link means the difference between world fame and obscurity, between success and failure. 


Let's tune in to each other and let's build something together!


We work as a team

Members of our team are communication consultants, copywriters and journalists, marketing, creative and digital experts.
One-on-one as well as a team.

Anita Lenhardt

managing partner

She started her career at Kreatív professional communications magazine. She worked as an expert journalist then as a lead columnist. She's been working on the agency side since 2001. She is a founding partner of LWp Kommunikáció that quickly became one of the leading communication agencies of the ICT sector.


Nóra Weichinger 

managing partner

She started her career at Kreatív as well, creating and leading online content development projects. She's been on the agency side for over a decade, she's also a founding partner of LWp Kommunikáció. She's gathered extensive experience regarding the agency-side leadership of corporate and brand communications of multinational companies – such as Coca-Cola and K&H Bank. 


We build trust

We think alike, no matter what topic or situation we are looking at. We do so in order to find  integrated solutions, tailored to your needs. We build brands. We analyze and understand our client's goals, devise a strategy then use the most efficient tools to turn it into reality. 
pr We manage issues, handle crises – in the media and beyond.  We ask the right questions and provide the  answers. We write and tell stories.
social In the chaotic noise of social media, we deliver messages to whom it is valuable information. We converse.
digital We think up and develop efficient and unique things, may it be for mobiles, websites, apps or the future that is not yet invented. We are responsive.



We worked with…

In 15 years we have been working with more than 70 clients, from enterprises to SMEs and SoHos to NGOs, within Hungary and within the region as well. Many of our partners have been with us for more than a decade. 
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